AZV ČR Inspection committee

Inspection committee is expert body of AZV ČR. Committee has 7 members and members of the Board are nominated and dismissed by the President of the Board with prior consent of Minister of Health. President of committee is chosen out of committee members and nominated by the President of the Board. At least one member must by employed by Ministry of health and membership can´t be substituted. Members also can´t be simultaneously in any other body of AZV ČR.

Inspection committee especially oversees harmony in process of public tender in research and development, receiving of proposals, evaluation process of proposals and inspection of funded projects. Objectively and disinterestedly evaluates economical part of project proposals, corrects administration of allowable costs and processes written standpoints on current evaluated proposals.

Members of Inspection Committee AZV ČR:

JUDr. Radek Policar (president)

Ing. Jaroslava Kunová

Ing. Jan Linda

Ing. Petr Salák

JUDr. Lenka Teska Arnoštová, Ph.D.

MUDr. Mgr. Jolana Těšinová