AZV ČR Panels

Panels provide review and evaluation of project proposals. Members of panels are nominated and dismissed by President of the AZV ČR Board on proposal of the AZV ČR Board which choses members from professional (expert, specialized) public. Term of office is four years with possibility of being nominated at the most two times in a row. Heads of panels are panel president and vice-president.

Main activities of AZV ČR panels are:

  • Intern project proposals reports
  • Manage external evaluation process
  • Provide data for Research Board meetings
  • Control partial and final reports

List of panels

P01 Metabolic and endocrine diseases

P02 Diseases of the circulatory system

P03 Tumorous diseases

P04 Neuroscience and mental health

P05 Immune disorders and infectious diseases

P06 Organ function disorders and trauma and intensive medicine

P07 Age-specific groups of diseases

P08 Biomedicine technologies

P09 Preventive medicine and nursing