In 2021, 305 project sub-reports were evaluated and submitted at the beginning of 2021 and evaluated at the Expert Review Panels and the Scientific Council meetings AZV ČR . Of the 305 sub-reports, 300 projects were recommended by the Expert Review Bodies AZV ČR for continuation. For 5 projects it was proposed to suspend the project pending clarification, for 4 of these projects the Expert Advisory Bodies AZV ČR , on the basis of an explanation sent by the beneficiary, approved the continuation of the projects (per rollam). One project will be suspended for objective reasons and is now being addressed by the MoH ČR provider with the beneficiary concerned.

Currently, 304 projects are recommended to continue (i.e. completed or completed with reservations). For a summary evaluation of the Sub-Reports, please click here List of Sub-Reports evaluated in 2020 (projects proposed for audit by the expert evaluation bodies are listed at the end of the list).

Opinions to the Partial Reports are published in the ISVP (in the detail of the specific project -> "Detail" tab -> "Opinions" section, or if a change has been approved on the project, it is necessary to display an older version of the project linked to the partial report).