On 11 October 2021, the Ministry of Health (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of Health") announces, in accordance with Act No. 130/2002 Coll., on Support for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation from Public Funds and on Amendments to Certain Related Acts (Act on Support for Research, Experimental Development and Innovation), as amended (hereinafter referred to as the "Act"),


for earmarked support from the Ministry of Health for health research and development projects fulfilling the announced Programme for the Support of Applied Health Research for the years 2020 - 2026 (hereinafter referred to as "theProgramme"), specifically Subprogramme 3: Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on health care in ČR (hereinafter referred to as "Subprogramme 3").

Estimated dates:

- the start of the selected projects is 1 April 2022 (taking into account the actual date of signing of the contracts),

- completion of the projects by 31 December 2023 at the latest,

- the expected duration of the projects is 21 months.

Terms and conditions of the competition:

Subject of the competition

Purpose-built support from the Ministry of Health is intended for applied research projects, i.e. projects designed to obtain new knowledge directed towards a specific, predetermined practical goal with a given application of the results in the health sector. Applied research in healthcare is aimed at solving problems related to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human diseases. This call for proposals will support projects aimed at analysing the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on healthcare ČR in selected fields, including analysis of the impact of the diagnostic and therapeutic measures adopted on the prognosis of patients with covid-19. A detailed statement of the objectives and expected benefits is given in the Programme as well as in the tender documents. Applications for targeted support from the MoH (hereinafter referred to as 'the application'), sent by the applicant on the prescribed electronic forms, must comply with the announced Programme or Sub-programme 3.

Provision of targeted support

The method of providing earmarked support is governed by the Recommended Procedure for Providing Support for Research and Development from Public Funds under the Act, published at: http://www.vyzkum.cz/FrontClanek.aspx?idsekce=881 and Section 10 of the Act.

Proof of the applicant's eligibility

The Bidder is required to demonstrate his/her eligibility for the proposed project in accordance with Section 18 of the Act. This obligation also applies to the other participant in the project. The required documents are set out in the tender documentation.

Criteria evaluation

The evaluation criteria for applications are: the objectives of the project and their consistency with the objectives of the Programme or Sub-programme 3, the proposal of the solution method, the proposal of the solution outputs, the professional level of the research team, the readiness/equipment of the applicant's workplace, the applicant's foreign cooperation, the assessment of the applicant's previous cooperation with the MoH and the adequacy of the financial requirements. evaluation professional level of applications will be ensured by the authorities of the Agency for Medical Research ČR, which is an organisational unit of the State under the direct competence of the MoH.

Competition deadline

The period during which applications may be submitted begins on the day following the date of publication of the invitation to tender in the Commercial Bulletin, i.e. 12 October 2021 and ends on 23 November 2021 (until 23:59).

Evaluation period

It is the deadline for the MoH to secure evaluation applications and decide on their funding. It starts on 24.11.2021 and ends on 15.2.2022, when the MoH will announce the decision to award/reject the MoH's earmarked support in this competition on the website Public Tender - covid projects - Ministry of Health (mzcr.cz).

Tender documentation

The detailed documents and information necessary for the preparation and submission of applications, the conditions of eligibility of tenderers, the requirements for demonstrating eligibility and the method of evaluation applications are described in more detail in the attached tender documentation.

Method of application

The application forms are available exclusively on the MoH website in the Annex to this article, they are interactive PDF forms(MZ22-Application, MZ22-Application-S). The application must be completed according to the instructions in the tender documentation.

The application, including the annexes, must be submitted via the Data Box Information System[1] no later than the last day of the competition period. Applications on the prescribed electronic forms should be delivered via the data box with ID: f7eike4 (Agency for Health Research ČR, Ruská 2412/85, 100 00 Prague 10). Each application must be submitted in a separate data message with the subject line 'application code' (of the main applicant/proposer in the form MZ22-xxxx-yyyy, where xxxx is the designation of the applicant and yyyy is the designation of the proposer), including the annexes to be sent with the application. The other annexes (per institution) must also be delivered by the tenderer or co-tenderer via the data box ID: f7eike4 marked 'DO NOT OPEN - VES Covid' (e.g. affidavits, powers of attorney, etc.).


The Ministry of Health would like to inform the tenderers that the ISVP application used for standard tenders AZV will not be used for this tender. Project proposals should be submitted using the forms attached to this article: MZ22-Proposal (for proposers) and MZ22-Proposal-S (for co-proposers). To complete them, please read the tender documents carefully and two brief manuals(COVID19_PDF Application Manual Proposer and COVID19_PDF Application Manual Co-Proposer) on how to complete the form are also available in the annex below.

If the form does not display correctly (it says "Please, wait..."), you must first download/save the form to your computer and then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which can be downloaded free of charge at https://get.adobe.com/reader/?loc=cz. 

Project proposal forms are neither printed nor scanned, they are sent as an electronic PDF file, i.e. without any signature.

A mandatory annex to the project proposal is a completed table setting out the intensity and amount of support, see the excel table in the annex (to be submitted once in total for the whole project).

Please pay attention to the limits that are set by the tender documents e.g. travel, overheads etc. as there are no validation settings in the PDF form.

Unless otherwise stated, the application must be completed in Czech.

The duration of the projects can be 9 months or 21 months. Projects cannot apply for investment funds. Neither can exceptional remuneration be paid under these projects.

Furthermore, the MoH would like to point out that a condition for submitting a project proposal to this public tender is the obligation to indicate the "ORCID iD" of the proposer and co-proposer, more information here.

The project proposal and all annexes shall be sent by data mail only (divided into at least two messages, one message containing the project proposal and the mandatory annexes to the project proposal and the second message containing the documents proving the eligibility of the applicant or co-applicant). For example, if several project proposals are submitted on behalf of an institution, each project proposal and its annexes shall be sent in a separate data message. The eligibility documents are then sent once (in a separate data message) per institution. If it is necessary to split the message due to the size of the annexes, it is always necessary to clearly identify, using the 'application code', to which project proposal the documents sent belong.

Applications received after the deadline will not be admitted to the call for tenders. All attachments must also be received by the deadline of 23 November 2021 (23:59).

After the closing date, project proposals will be uploaded to the application, which will assign a registration number to the proposal instead of an application code. The project proposal registration number will be communicated to you during the evaluation period (via data message, website, etc.).


- enquiries about this tender will be submitted and dealt with by email to the Health Research Agency at ČR: , website www.azvcr.cz

- The secretary of this competition is Bc. Simona Schrötterová, who can be reached at +420 778 973 186, but we prefer email communication at

- to the provider of special-purpose support to the MoH: Ministry of Health, Department of Science and Medical Professions, Palackého náměstí No. 4, 128 01 Prague 2, email: .

Rights of the provider

The Ministry of Health, as a provider of special purpose aid, reserves the right to:

- cancel this tender as a whole in accordance with the law,

- verify the applicant's details on the application form,

- not to give reasons to tenderers for decisions to award/reject applications submitted to this invitation to tender unless the tenderer requests a justification,

- not to return applications to applicants,

- not to reimburse the tenderer for the costs of participating in the tender and not to recognise these costs as part of the costs allowed under the Act.

Other conditions

- there is no legal entitlement under the law to receive targeted support,

- the final number of applications supported depends on the amount of funds available to the provider,

- The conclusion of contracts on the provision of earmarked support to the MoH is expected to take place in February/March 2022, after the beneficiary has fulfilled the requirements prescribed by the provider. Applicants are required to accept the draft MoH Grant Agreement.


- Forms for submitting project proposals(HERE for proposers, HERE for co-proposers, HERE Determination of aid intensity and amount)

- Methodological support is provided by AZV ČR at

- Tender documentation(HERE)

- Programme to support applied health research for 2020 - 2026(HERE)

[1] According to Act No. 300/2008 Coll., on Electronic Acts and Authorised Conversion of Documents


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