Does the ČNB account have to be used for new and ongoing projects?

Yes. The amendment to Act No. 218/2000 on Budget Rules makes it obligatory for all institutions listed in Section 3(h)(10-14) of this Act to establish an account with the ČNB. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of budgetary discipline.

For individuals and private universities that are direct beneficiaries of state subsidies, the law does not regulate the flow of funds and the method of payment remains unchanged (they can receive funds on an account held with any commercial bank).

Funds for co-beneficiaries transferred to a non-treasury account may already be held outside the ČNB accounts (they may also be held at the ČNB). This procedure applies to the institutions referred to in Article 3(h)(10) to (14) of Act No 218 on the Financial Regulation.