Who are we?
a. Name of organization: AZV ČR· – Czech Health Research Council b.
Contact phone number: + 420 ·271 019 257
c. Address: Ruská 2412/85, 100 05 Prague 10·
d. Accessibility of the building: The building can be accessed by a gate from the street on a level surface via the accessible parking. The ground floor of the building itself is accessed from street level by stairs with a wheelchair platform. The agency is located on the first floor, appointments can be arranged on the ground floor of the building by prior arrangement.

What do we do?
The Czech Health Research Council is managed by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and its purpose is to support health research with public funds. It prepares activities and public tenders in health research, evaluates projects submitted to these competitions, prepares documents for the provision of funding to selected projects and then evaluates the progress of the objectives of these projects. Funding for projects is provided from the Ministry of Health through grants.

In addition, the AZV communicates with similar organisations abroad, maintains an archive of all projects and carries out other tasks according to the needs of the Ministry of Health.