Address: Ruská 2412/85, 100 05 Prague 10

ID: 03009491
DIC: CZ03009491

Electronic mailroom:
ISDS: f7eike4

Secretariat: +420 271 019 257

Electronic mailroom:

Documents in analogue (physical) form can be delivered to the above correspondence address. Documents in digital form on portable technical data carriers may be delivered to this address.

Rules for submission on a portable technical storage medium:

1. An acceptable portable technical data carrier (hereinafter referred to as "carrier") is a CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

2. The transmitted medium shall be returned only at the express request made at the time of submission to the Registry.

Electronic mailroom address AZV ČR : 

The office hours are from 8am to 4pm.

Mandatory elements of electronic submissions:

Data message formats: pdf, jpg, html, rtf, doc.

Data message security:

If a data message cannot be displayed in a user-perceptible manner (e.g. it is illegible) and contains an incorrect data format or a computer program that is capable of causing damage to the information system or to the information processed, it shall not be accepted by the mailroom and the sender, if known, shall be informed of this fact. 

Documents in analogue (physical) form:

In the event that a document received in analogue form is incomplete or illegible, but the sender of the document and the sender's contact details can be identified, the sender will be notified of the identified defect in the document and a further procedure for rectification will be determined. If the defect in the received document cannot be rectified in cooperation with the sender, the document will not be processed further. If it is not possible to identify the sender of a document received which is incomplete or illegible and the sender's contact details, the document shall not be processed further.