Expert Evaluation Commissions provide the technical and economic assessment and evaluation of Project proposals, sub-projects and final reports. The members of the Commissions, including their Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons, are appointed and dismissed by Chair AZV on the proposal of the Bureau AZV, which selects the members of the Commissions from proposals from the MoH and the expert community.

The composition of the Commissions, the manner of their activity, the conditions of impartiality of the Commission members, the manner of handling the data contained in the Project proposals are regulated by the Statute and the Rules of Procedure of the Commissions.

The Commission is headed by Chair and a Vice-President. In particular, the Commissions provide internal assessment of Project proposals, ensure the preparation of assessments of Project proposals by external referees and prepare documents and recommendations for the meetings of the Board of Expert Guarantors. They also evaluate the interim and final reports on the Projects and prepare recommendations for the meetings of the Board of Expert Guarantors on the procedures and results of the Projects adopted.

Chair The Commission is not eligible to apply for earmarked support in its capacity as proposer/researcher during its term of office. The members of the Commission shall be entitled to remuneration for the activities related to the performance of this function. The remuneration of the members of the Commission is set by Chair AZV on the proposal of the Bureau AZV.

Expert Review Panel AZV:

A. Diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive methods
prof. MUDr. Pavel Dřevínek, Ph.D. (Chair)
MUDr. Petr Jakubec, Ph.D.
MUDr. Antonín Malina, Ph.D.

B. Intensive Care
prof. MUDr. Vladimír Šrámek, Ph.D. (Chair)
doc. MUDr. Roman Škulec, Ph.D.
doc. MUDr. Pavel Dostál, Ph.D.

C. Operational fields
doc. MUDr. JUDr. Dušan Klos, Ph.D., LL.M. (Chair)
prof. MUDr. Zdeněk Krška, CSc.
prof. MUDr. Jiří Hoch, CSc.

D. Mental Health
PhDr. Petr Winkler, Ph.D. (Chair)
prof. MUDr. Ladislav Hosák, Ph.D.
doc. MUDr. Jan Vevera, Ph.D.

E. Immunological and virological studies
prof. RNDr. Libor Grubhoffer, CSc. (Chair)
doc. MUDr. Ondřej Beran, Ph.D.
Mgr. Michal Křupka, Ph.D.