How to correctly fill in personal costs in the project proposal?

Personnel costs shall be completed separately for the tenderer and for each co-tenderer. The personal costs and, where applicable, the financial compensation for the work of the natural person bidder or co-bidder shall be indicated. For researchers and students remunerated under IR 5.4.1.(2), the name of the researcher, date of birth, work capacity (time) and amount requested shall be indicated in the project proposal. For technical, auxiliary and administrative staff, only the total working capacity (full-time equivalent) planned for the year and the total amount requested shall be indicated. In the case of planning other staff costs, the name of the staff member, the amount requested and the type of activity (job description) are entered; if the name of the person is not known, you can enter 'student', 'to be selected following a selection procedure', etc. in the 'Name, surname ...' field.

In case the project proposal plans funds for students, the students are mentioned with the appropriate designation (the funds marked in this way can always be used only for students or a change can be requested from the VES 2021 competition onwards).